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Seminar on Muslims and The New Citizenship Law in INDIA
Seminar on "Muslims and The New Citizenship Law in INDIA" arranged by International Youth Forum (IYFO), South Asian Youth Organization (SAYO), and Anatolian Youth Forum (AGD) took place at ESAM conference hall on Saturday, 28 December, 2019.


At the inaugural speech, President of SAYO Mohammad Ashequr Rahman expressed his concern about the Indian citizenship law. He told that to put sub continental political situation stable, there is no other option except withdrawing the citizenship law, 2019.


The executive member of IYFO Mr. Yilmaz BALÇIN condemmed the misuse of NRC against the Muslim which may lead a conflict in INDIA. The new citizenship law will also cause the risen of tension across South Asia which can destroy the historical harmony in that region.


Chief guest said, Motivated by Hindu Nationalist Movement and their political wing BJP, the hatred against Muslim has grabbed attention to the world. There is no objection to National Register of Citizens, NRC, but the processing of NRC has become suspicious and the implementation of the NRC has triggered a real horror among the communities in India specially for Muslims.


People who are opposing the new law have no objection to Indian citizenship being granted to asylum seekers from the three neighboring countries. Beside that, the three countries mentioned in the Indian legislation may have their own views on how India treats its own religious minorities. There is strong opposition in India particularly from the Muslim community to the law because the exclusion of Muslims makes it discriminatory and creates suspicion about the real motive behind the amended law.

Some even suggests that most Indian lawmakers would not be able to furnish proper documents about their families, education, and property ownership. Yet, India under Hindu nationalist control wants to undertake a national citizenship test that may produce global horror stories. Those who oppose the CAA and nationwide NRC believe that most Indians would not be able to produce the required documents of their pedigree to prove their nationality.
One thing looks clear, namely that the government will find various ways to give citizenship to Hindus and adopt a discriminatory approach in document screening towards Muslims, which will make the Hindu nationalist more aggressive against Muslims.

The Hindu nationalist portrayed the Modi as the saviour of Hindu nation who will make a great Hindu state like Israel which is alarming for the South Asian region.


There were participants from different countries mostly from Turkey. After the Seminar, the guest answered the questions at the Q/A session.



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