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A new world
عالم جديد


IYFO; provides education and guidance services along with financial and moral support to students who come to our country to continue their education from abroad; while enabling them to complete their education with confidence.


The International Muslim Youth Cultural Cooperation Meetings evaluate the role of Muslim youth in the construction of a new world, discuss how to continue the work that has been developed towards the common goal, and offer solutions to the youth.

Language Courses
& Seminars


Turkish for guest students,  

English, Arabic and other languages as needed to the youth of our country in the courses and seminars we organize.


 In line with the final decisions of the 1st International Muslim Youth Cultural Cooperation Meeting held in 2005, IYFO is a non-governmental organization established; for the society to live in peace and harmony; to contribute to the spiritually and physically healthy development of young people in a clean environment; to raise high-skilled youth depending on national and spiritual values, adhering to the law, respecting fundamental human rights, possessing national, spiritual, moral and universal values, striving for the good, right, beautiful, beneficial, just and to prevail, peace instead of war, dialogue instead of conflict, justice instead of double standards, cooperation instead of exploitation and who considers human rights as the basis instead of arrogance.

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