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Our Activities

The International Youth Forum aims to increase cooperation between youth and student organizations operating in Turkic Republics, cognate and related countries, and friendly Islamic Countries, to benefit from experience, to ensure cohesion, to research the problems encountered, to be instrumental in producing common solutions, and to receive university education from various geographies of the world. It carries out various studies in order to carry out voluntary work with guest students coming to our country. 

Visiting Students

IYFO; To provide education and guidance services to students who come to our country to continue their education from abroad, to provide financial and moral support, to find timely solutions to the problems they encounter, to ensure that students complete their education without feeling alienated for these and similar purposes. These students, who leave our country very satisfied, return to their countries as ambassadors of civilization, and activities that reflect this brotherhood are also carried out in the areas where they work.  

In this direction, our guest students have the awareness of fraternity under the roof of IYFO, and the modern world and  It is aimed that they return to their countries as volunteer ambassadors who know the world system, have high organizational skills, are aware of the situation and needs of their country, have knowledge of Islamic culture and history, and are tolerant of differences.

IYFO, which has been working in its center in Balgat since 2005; To date, he has contacted more than 2000 students from dozens of different countries and autonomous regions from Morocco to Indonesia, from South Africa to Russia. The headquarters of the association is in Ankara, and it carries out work with foreign students through voluntary representations in Istanbul, Konya, Kayseri, Izmir, Bursa, Gaziantep, Eskişehir and Samsun.  

Hundreds of students are given scholarships every year; In addition, support is provided for needs (road allowance, household goods, supplies, etc.). Students are also guided in their problems related to official transactions. 

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Language Courses & Seminars

Turkish for guest students,  

English, Arabic and other languages as needed to the youth of our country in the courses and seminars we organize.

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MJisafir Öğrenciler
Dil Kursları & Seminerler

Education Consultancy

Voluntary guidance about education opportunities abroad and related procedures is provided to students at all levels of education who wish to continue their education abroad.



After the education of our guest students who were educated in Turkey, they are familiar with the modern world and the global system, have high organizational skills, are aware of the situation and needs of their country, have knowledge of Islamic culture and history,  It is tried to ensure that they return to their countries as tolerant volunteer ambassadors against differences and to establish alumni associations in their countries in order to ensure that their contacts with Turkey are maintained and that they work efficiently within the framework of general objectives.  

Likewise, studies are carried out to guide our students who have completed their education abroad and returned to our country in the equivalence procedures, to ensure the most appropriate and most efficient employment, and to ensure their participation in the studies carried out in line with the objectives of our association.

Student Exchange Programs

Short, medium and long-term student exchange programs are carried out with partner institutions in language education, internship, formal education. 

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Travel Camps and Seminars

All kinds of excursions, camps and seminars are organized in order to ensure that the youth are fully equipped in terms of general goals.

Internship & Employment

Efforts are being made to supply the workforce equipped with the necessary equipment for the realization of the general objectives, to do internships of domestic and foreign students at home and abroad, and to transfer our young people to fields where they can specialize according to their fields of specialization.

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